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Why Lucky Duct?

Castle Rock Air Duct Cleaning

Lucky Duct uses the most powerful equipment in the industry to clean your commercial and or residential air duct system for the Castle Rock Colorado area! We are licensed for HVAC and are fully insured.

Call 303-246-5475 to schedule an air duct cleaning today!

  • State of the art power vacuum technology used to ensure complete sanitary containment.
  • Before and after pictures taken.
  • More specialized air and mechanical tools used than any other company.
  • Air duct cleanings are performed to ACCA HVAC system cleaning standards, which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as the only recognized national standard.
  • In order to be an ACCA member a company must pass a “tested” HVAC supervisors license examination. Many airduct cleaning companies do not have the ability to pass such an examination.
  • Our technicians are paid by the hour and not by commission to ensure that you receive the quality in workmanship that you are paying for.
  • Our technicians have passed background checks.
  • Our technicians attend regular HVAC and Indoor Air Quality technical courses to ensure that they are “up to date” in an ever advancing HVAC and IAQ field.
  • Our technicians are EPA certified to legally handle refrigeration.
  • Our airduct cleanings are backed by a 100% guarantee!


Lucky Duct gives you a clear step by step description of our cleaning process.

Step 1: A drop cloth pathway is made to protect our customers’ floors and wall corners and then our large diameter power vacuum hose is placed on the drop cloth. .


Air Duct Cleaning

Step 2: The technician will cycle your air handler air handler to cycle it to ensure that it is working properly. If any abnormalities are discovered, the technician will be sure to inform the customer.

Step 3: The vacuum hose is securely installed into the trunk line to create a centralized vacuum.

Step 4: All registers are blocked off to create a sound vacuum on the entire side of the system to be cleaned.

Step 5: The high powered, power vacuum and industrial grade are turned on.

Step 6: All supply (out-going air vents) vent boots and connecting rounds are mechanically brushed and air washed with 180-200 psi of air pressure. As a result, all contamination inside the heat run (supply round) will be pushed and blasted down to the supply trunk line (main vane larger ductwork). * NOTE: Although the force of the vacuum and air pressure is tremendous, it will not harm or alter your duct work.


Air register cleaning

Step 7: After all the supply  rounds (branch lines) have been brushed and air washed, we proceed to completely clean the supply trunk line with a wide array of pneumatic tools such as whips and reverse flow jetters to agitate all four walls of interior trunk line and all the contamination is then removed by the power vacuum hose.


Air Duct Cleaning Services


Step 8: We begin to clean the furnace by cleaning the blower removed from the furnace sot that the vertical fan blades (squirrel cage) can be air washed to dislodge all dust and debris with our enormous vacuum hose right over it. We also carefully apply air pressure through each individual burner to dislodge ash, carbon and dust through the entire inside of the heat exchanger. (Line removal):  After the source removal process is completed, the furnace base plate, doors and blower are wiped down with rag and liquid cleaner.

Step 9: If air conditioning is present and the customer wishes to pay us to clean their evaporator coil (indoor coil), the EPA certified technician will gently air wash the outside and inside of the evaporator coil fins to dislodge the common dust mat found on the fin surfaces. Matted coils are a haven for nasty microbial's and can also cause your air conditioner to run less efficiently (in fact an average of 20% less efficiently, according to ASRAE). The condensate drain pan and drain is also air washed. Upon completion of source removal and EPA registered biodegradable, earth friendly evaporator foam cleaner is applied to thoroughly clean through the fins and will sanitize and deodorize the coil. *NOTE: Lucky Duct encourages severe sinus and respiratory sufferers to inform Lucky Duct of their condition pertaining to cleaning substances. Just because 99.99% of people are o.k around a predominantly inert substance, doesn't mean that everyone is. Through good communication between Lucky Duct and customer we can adapt and adjust cleaning procedures to cater to even the most sensitive needs.

Step 10: We now install our vacuum into the return side (air intake) of the system to create a centralized vacuum.

Step 11: Each cold air register is removed and we proceed to air wash everything down the return channels to push all dust and debris to drop into the return trunk line (large rectangular duct). Lucky Duct is not limited to just an air gun.

Step 12: After all return vents and channels are cleaned the technician will clean out the entire return trunk line the same as previously explained with the supply trunk line (i.e. whips and reverse flow jetter etc.)

Step 13: The technician will reassemble your furnace and install reusable clean out doors. If the homeowner is using a disposable filter, a new filter will be installed.

Step 14: The air handler will be turned on and the technician will make sure that the air handler is cycling properly.

Step 15: All working areas are cleaned and cleaning equipment is removed from the home or job site- Leaving you with nothing to remember us by except clean, fresh air.

Call 303-246-5475 to schedule
an HVAC system cleaning today!