Air Conditioning Cleaning, Repair, & Installation

Much like our furnace repair and service, Lucky Duct can handle your A/C with the same level of quality. We won't just install your new unit and leave. A detailed estimate is drawn up then our licensed HVAC technicians will install the system and make sure that everything is working properly, safely, and efficiently. Call (303) 246-5475 today.

More than Installations

If you have a A/C unit that just needs cleaning or repair, Lucky Duct can do that too. Just like our furnace cleaning, our air conditioner cleaning is just as thorough in order to keep your system operating at a high level of performance, ultimately lengthening the life of your system.

Helpful Tips When Hiring An Air Conditioning Contractor

  • Verify that the Heating and Air Conditioning company you hire is insured and licensed to perform the work in your city or county. Stay away from an Air Conditioning repair company that doesn't address the possibility of repair, and goes straight for the sale of new HVAC equipment.
  • If the HVAC contractor will need to replace the furnace and or air conditioner, then ask the company for 2 or 3 references of past jobs. If the contractor has a problem in doing that for you, then you have probably just saved yourself from a lot of hassle. Capitalizing on a great deal is awesome, but not at the expense of having the equipment improperly sized or installed, which will cost you way more later
  • Selecting a company that works with the dealer will ensure that the company receives constant product training courses for employees ensuring the highest degree of product knowledge for a proper installation. Heating and air conditioning contractors will also receive excellent distributor support to ensure proper ARI part matching and accurate equipment sizing for your homes installation.
  • Selecting a HVAC repair and installation company with a trademark protected trusted name, like Lucky Duct shows that a company is serious about being in business. In today's age there are many resources to verify an Air Conditioning Contractors quality and reputation in Highlands Ranch, CO. Search for a companies rating with the BBB, Google, Yelp and other online review sites prior to hiring a furnace and air conditioner company in the Denver, CO area.