Furnace Cleaning

Need a Cool Thermostat?Most furnace manufacturers will recommend that you should have your furnace serviced and cleaned annually, to maintain peak efficiency and to ensure that your furnace operates safely. The reality is, that forgetting to clean and or service a furnace until a problem occurs is very common.

Furnace burner roll out kills more people with carbon monoxide poisoning in the United States each year than cracked furnace heat exchangers do. Watch this video to witness how dangerous a furnace burner roll out can be to your personal safety and as a fire hazard to your home or structure.

Ask yourself a real simple question while you are watching this video. "Would I want a licensed HVAC company to clean my furnace or would I trust a carpet cleaner or air duct cleaner to take care of this problem? Would it be worth possibly risking my life and or property to save a little money to pay an under trained carpet cleaner or a company that doesn't possess an HVAC license to take care of this problem or should I pay a little more for a professional from an HVAC licensed company such as Lucky Duct to handle this situation correctly?"

It was determined that cleaning the furnace and tuning the furnace was viable after a careful carbon monoxide test was performed using a $4500.00 carbon monoxide testing instrument to ensure that the homeowner could safely operate the appliance after a good cleaning and tuning was performed. Lucky Duct's certified HVAC technician performed the carbon monoxide test first and then cleaned the furnace so that it could be safely operated again. This video will clearly display how powerful our power vacuum and air guns are to thoroughly clean any furnace, not to mention any commercial or residential ductwork out there as well.


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Furnace Cleaners - before    Furnace Cleaners - after

Having your furnace periodically cleaned and checked over can also save you money in the long run by having small problems identified and taken care of before they become bigger problems in the future, such as expensive breakdowns with motors and failing heat exchangers and so forth

Choosing Lucky Duct to clean your furnace is an excellent choice, because Lucky Duct’s technicians are well rounded in service/repair, installations and air duct cleaning for the HVAC field. Many other air duct cleaning companies that perform furnace cleanings may send a carpet cleaner or a person improperly trained for heating and air, to be exposed to a technical realm that he or she may not be prepared for.

Sending an actual HVAC service technician out to perform the work coupled with access to the most powerful equipment in the industry becomes a winning combination that most homeowners will appreciate.

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Furnace Cleaning Checklist

Burner Shelf Cleaned

  • Burners Cleaned
  • Blower Removed and Fan Blades Cleaned
  • Blower Motor Cleaned
  • Blower Housing Cleaned
  • Blower Compartment Cleaned
  • Heat Exchanger(s) Cleaned
  • Heat Exchanger Compartment Cleaned
  • All Components Air Washed
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Common Questions (Q) and Answers (A)

Q: Can Lucky Duct™ perform a 10-point furnace safety inspection to include gas leak detection on my furnace?

A: Yes.

Q: Can Lucky Duct™ perform a heat exchanger test (sometimes this is also known as a “furnace certification”, however furnace manufacturers do not encourage the use of the term, because there is no actual certifying body to govern what a furnace certification is)?

A: Yes, Lucky Duct™ can perform a heat exchanger test to determine if a furnace heat exchanger is good or bad. Each test performed includes the installation of a free carbon monoxide detector made by Aprilaire.

Note: It is recommended to replace a carbon monoxide detector every 5 years. Ask your local fire department. 

Q: Can Lucky Duct™ tune my furnace and what does it involve?

A: Yes, the tune-up can involve several areas of adjustment and component testing that varies depending on the furnace model, such as gas valve tuning with a manometer, burner adjustments, heat anticipator adjustments, testing of various components such as limit switches, roll out switches, ignition types, amp draw readings from the fan speed wires, delta T’s taken and fan speed adjustments, etc. to mention just a few areas of testing and adjustment. Your Lucky Duct service technician will know what to do, to get your furnace running as efficiently as possible. Sometimes additional parts, such as thermocouples, surface igniters and limit switches will be recommended for replacement if your furnace is cycling incorrectly due to worn out parts. Additional parts are billed separately from the tune-up price.

Q: Can Lucky Duct™ repair my furnace when it breaks down?

A: Yes, in fact Lucky Duct™ has the most comprehensive service/repair policy in the industry. You will pay a diagnostic fee of $95.00. This fee covers an arrival of your repair technician and covers the initial trouble shoot of the problem. If the technician fails to accurately diagnose what is wrong, you will not be billed for the $95.00 diagnostic fee! In the event that a repair is made, a separate repair fee out of a pre-written price book assesses the cost to make the repair. The $95.00 and the repair fee will be due. Lucky Duct™ delivers up-front pricing and you are not obligated to Lucky Duct™ to make the identified repair, however you will be obligated to the $95.00 diagnostic fee.

Q: Does Lucky Duct™ perform 24-hour emergency repair service?

A: No, however this maybe subject to change in the future.

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The Thorough Process


Furnace Cleaners - before    Furnace Cleaners - after

Our technicians will remove the blower out of the furnace and air wash all debris and particulate matter out of the fan blades as well as air wash any build up that may be present, on and in the blower motor. When a blower motor becomes packed with dirt, dust and debris, the effects can be very costly. In some cases the blower motors amp draw will run higher due to dirt build up, which creates excessive heat and possible motor burn out can occur as a result to the over heating. A new blower motor installed will set you back anywhere from  $400.00- $900.00 depending on the make and model of the furnace, which is about the same money or more than to have your HVAC system completely cleaned out correctly with the power vacuum and air washing cleaning method. A ventilation system maintained clean can prevent costly mechanical failures of your HVAC equipment.

It is essential to remove the blower out of the furnace when the furnace is in an up flow configuration, if the furnace is going to be cleaned correctly. If the firm that you select to clean your furnace does not remove the blower, then they really have not cleaned your furnace and the money that you have spent has basically been wasted. The only exception to this would be if the company had power vacuum and air washing equipment and they were cleaning a horizontal furnace in an attic or crawlspace. With that furnace configuration they could plug their vacuum hose into a plenum on one side and successfully clean through the blower and heat exchanger compartment from the other.

Compare air washing the blower with the company that uses machinery that is similar to a shop vac. Ask them how they intend on fitting a 2-3” diameter vacuum hose in between a gap space of ¾ of an inch to 1 ½ of an inch that separates each individual fan blade. Chances are they will not have a good explanation as to how they can effectively clean the blower’s fan blades using such cleaning methods. Very often, dirt build up in the blowers fan blades will make your blower operate out of balance, which results in a furnace operating louder than normal. Our technicians will air wash each individual fan blade by using very powerful compressed air to dislodge the build up into a very powerful giant vacuum hose. This cleaning method will ensure that the fan blades are effectively cleaned. Our technicians will also air wash completely through the furnace burners to remove any build up that may be deep inside and out of reach of a shop vac, as well as clean through the flue exhaust ports, heat exchanger compartment, blower compartment and various furnace components.

The results of a Lucky Duct™ cleaned furnace is very often a much quieter, efficient and new to near new looking appliance. Our cleaning rates reflect an intention to truly clean your furnace with a starting cost that is slightly higher than most other companies. Should a part be needed, the cost of the part will be very reasonable, whereas the $95.00 furnace cleaning/safety checks coincided with the $800.00 gas valve replacement is a foot in the door ploy to make a repair and not clean. Should your Lucky Duct™ technician find a problem with your furnace during a cleaning they will explain what the problem is, they will make a recommendation to correct the problem and deliver an up front price of what it would cost to make the correction or repair. If various problems discovered on your furnace adds up to a higher than anticipated repair cost, then charges on the Lucky Duct™ visit can be waived in the event that you select Lucky Duct™ to install your new furnace. A typical furnace does have an average life expectancy of about 20 years. Various consumer product magazines would go as far as to recommend replacing a furnace every 10 years in order to achieve the lowest average annual cost to operate a furnace. The principal behind this concept or theory is that you should avoid costly untimely breakdowns as well as take advantage of improved energy efficiency that a new furnace achieves over an older furnace. The other alternative to this approach would be to frequently clean and inspect your furnace to achieve a longer life expectancy of your furnace and by doing so untimely breakdowns can be avoided and original furnace efficiency can be maintained.

 As a result to employing Lucky Duct’s powerful cleaning machinery and skillful HVAC technician, your furnace can be transformed from a ticking maintenance time bomb into a quiet, efficient and clean appliance that will keep you comfortable all season long!

Furnace Cleaners - before    Furnace Cleaners -after


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Evaporator Coil Cleaning (Indoor coil)

According to ASHRAE an average dirty evaporator coil (indoor coil) will cause an air conditioner to run 20% less efficient than a clean evaporator coil. This can translate into serious money savings on your energy bill if the coil cleaning is cleaned properly. Companies that use a shop vac or machinery that looks similar to a shop vac cannot even come close to cleaning an evaporator coil thoroughly to give you these energy cost savings, because they cannot effectively clean all the way through the coil. Contact cleaning methods can only clean the coil surfaces, whereas Lucky Duct’s power vacuum and air washing methods can force dirt and debris all the way through the coil, which will achieve a truly complete coil cleaning. Another thing to consider is that most air duct cleaning companies do not have an EPA certified technician to legally be anywhere near your evaporator coil, which is at the heart of your HVAC system.

Lucky Duct’s EPA certified technicians perform a very thorough evaporator coil cleaning by air washing through the interior and exterior coil surfaces to dislodge any particulate build up that can restrict air flow through the coil fins. The evaporator coil, condensate drain pan and drain is air washed to ensure that no obstructions are present, which could cause improper draining. If any fins are found bent, the fins will be straitened with a coil fin comb. An EPA registered indoor bio-degradable pressurized evaporator foam cleaner is applied to foam wash all the way through the coil to deep clean and kill microbial and fungal growth at the end of source removal.

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Condensing Coil Cleaning (Outdoor Coil)

Lucky Duct’s EPA certified technicians perform a very thorough condensing coil cleaning by air washing through the interior and exterior coil surfaces to dislodge any particulate build up that can restrict air flow through the coil fins. Restrictions in airflow will drastically affect your air conditioners efficiency and can lead to mechanical failures too. If air washing alone can clean effectively, then the cost of the condenser coil clean is very reasonable. If air washing alone does not produce an acceptable result, then a commercial grade water powered pressurized foam tool can be used at an additional cost to foam all the way through the condensing coil fins to restore the condensing unit to peak performance. A containment procedure is performed to collect foam cleaner run off so that the coil cleaner runoff does not enter our beautiful river systems in Colorado. Foam cleaners are the most effective for cleaning coils and most of the time essential in order to effectively clean an outdoor condensing coil. Performing a foam cleaning/containment procedure requires considerable time, so the cost to perform the most effective cleaning method will reflect the time that it takes to perform the procedure. Our technicians also know how to perform a superheat or sub-cooling charge calculation, which unfortunately gets skipped by many new construction installers, to ensure that your air conditioner is charged correctly to ensure that it is running at peak performance and efficiency. Ask our sales representative about our Ultimate A/C cleaning, which will cover a freon charge up to 12 oz. of freon, condensing coil clean (air wash only), evaporator coil cleaning, component checks and new filter change. If your air duct cleaner is confused by a simple superheat or sub-cooling slide, then probably you have not called the best outfit out to handle your air conditioning cleaning needs. Thank goodness that Lucky Duct™ is there for you to perform a complete and responsible cleaning service!

Furnace Cleaners

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